We appreciate all the great coverage we have received from the media here in Texas over the last year.

Below you can click on the links and read more about Zeno’s on the Square!

Also, be watching for fun instructional videos from Chef Max and the rest of the  team!

Mama Monica: Cancer Warrior in Careity Magazine

Ft. Worth Magazine's Culinary Clash

In the Kitchen with

Chef Max

CHEF MAX shares his recipes in Weatherford Democrat

Italy natives follow passion for western culture to Weatherford

IN THE KITCHEN: Monica Russo spreads the love of all things Italian in Weatherford

Yellowstone Night at Zeno's raises over $75K for Careity Foundation

Fort Worth Culinary School Podcast - Interview with Chef Max Zubboli

Fort Worth Magazine Top Chef Challenge 2019

The Weatherford Square Went All, ‘Hollywood’ On Us Last Night

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